Standard Annuities

We offer Standard Annuities with a six (6) year surrender charge and an interest rate of three and a half percent (3½%).

Interest Rates

We are offering three and a half percent (3½%) Interest on any Standard Annuity, with a Guaranteed Interest Rate of three percent (3%). You will never earn less than three percent (3%) Interest, no matter what.

* Standard 6-Year Non-Qualified Annuities and Standard Qualified Annuities. This offer is not applicable to any Short Term 2, 3, or 5-Year Annuities offered by Polish Beneficial Association.

Whithdrawals & Surrender Charges

During the first six (6) years of all Standard Non-Qualified Annuities, Account holders can withdrawal ten percent (10%) of their balance without penalty; any amount over ten percent (10%) is subject to the below surrender charges. After six (6) years have passed, any amount can be withdrawn from the account without penalty.

Any amount withdrawn that exceeds ten percent (10%) of the account’s balance within the first six years of the account are subject to the following penalties:

1st Year: 6% Penalty

2nd Year: 5% Penalty

3rd Year: 4% Penalty

4th Year: 3% Penalty

5th Year: 2% Penalty

6th Year: 1% Penalty